Taliban Delegation – They Are Better Equipped To Host The FIFA World Cup 2022 In Qatar After Talk With Russia.

After participating in what is called a crucial global meeting in Moscow on Afghanistan, which aims at launching the peace talks post decades of war, the Taliban has expressed positive remarks that the negotiations in Russia is positive result oriented. In the meeting total 12 countries participated and the members of the Afghan High Council, the fellow delegation of the Taliban political office in Qatar also participated and after the meeting they all agreed to be better equipped the country to host the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

Taliban delegation said that they have received “invaluable” tips from people who are engaged in organizing this tournament in the Russia. A Taliban delegation member, while speaking to the Dependant said, “We went to Spartak and Luzniki stadiums in Moscow to attend an orientation on how such things were done. We were taken there by the organizers.” Considering that we have been considered long these activities, it’s a good place to understand what functionality is.”

The officials of Russia made it clear that hosting the coming FIFA World Cup is two things for the Taliban’s board, a negotiation chip as well as a test run.

At 2022 FIFA, we see how much advancement Taliban has made in working with the things that they called against sharia,” said Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman Russian Foreign Ministry. She added “This year, it was very difficult tolerating with LGBT – even for just around a month. Thus, if the Talibanis can begin bearing women and allowing the sale of alcohol at the World Cup, possibly it could be suggested to cooperation,”

“Then probably they can organize World Cup successfully, they would finally willing to organize Afghanistan successfully.” The coming FIFA World Cup will take place in Qatar and it will start on 21 November.