Referee’s to get more assistance in making Decisions

Earlier, whatever assistance a Football match referee was to get, he had to get it from within the ground because all the linesmen or his associates would only be present in the ground, but, now the referees would be getting help from outside the ground too as a couple of the referees’ associates will be sitting away from the ground in front of computers and laptops and that’s where they would be helping him from.

So, that’s a sort of a big change in the decision making process in a Football game.

And the first big tournament to witness such kind of system will be the World Cup 2018 itself and as per Gianni Infantino, who is heading the Football administration in the world at the moment, this is pretty historical and this is helpful for everyone concerned, be it the referees himself because with this system in place, now they will not walk out of the ground thinking one of their decisions might have influenced the game.

They will be pretty certain about each and every decision of theirs now. So, actually it’s them only who are the biggest beneficiary of this system.

Infantino reckons that in the past there used to be a situation where everyone else had the footages coming on their screens and the only person who didn’t have the facility of the footages was the person who had to make the decisions, that is the referee, and it was just not right. If it’s evident that a particular decision should be made in a particular situation and it doesn’t get made only because the referee is not fully equipped, it’s not easily digestible and something definitely needed to be done about it which has been done and everyone seems to be satisfied with it including the players.