The German under-17 side became the first team to win a match using the new penalty shootout system. Germany defeated their counterparts Norway 3-2 to make the final of the Euro Under-17 tournament in the Czech Rep.

The new system is more of a replica of the tie breaker in tennis. Referred to as the ABBA system, it seeks to help the team that takes the kick second in the shootout. The team that kicks after the other side in the shootout usually battle a psychological disadvantage as they have to play catch up.

The new system prescribes that the shootout follows the tennis tie-break method. Germany lost their first three chances, yet they won the shootout.

Germany played the first kick. The Norway keeper Karen Sneve saved it. Norway played theirs, which they lost. According to new rule, Norway played first in the second round of kicks – the third kick of the shootout as against Germany in the popular method. Norway scored so the scoreline was 1-0.

The German played next, losing again. They had to play again – making it twice at a go. And they lost the chance yet again. Norway played the next two as well, scoring just one to make the scoreline 2-0.

Germany played their set of kicks, scoring both to make it 2-2. Norway played their fifth of the shootout and lost so the scores was tired at 2-2. Had they scored, it would have ended. They played their sixth and lost again. German took their chance and converted it to emerge winners in the shootout.

The system seeks to correct the advantage the first team has when they take the kick first. Soccer rule-making body IFAB says the former method gives them a 60% chance of winning the shootout compared to the new system that aims at normalizing the advantage. The new system was approved for trials in March.