German public seems not Panicking

There is no rush in the German public to buy tickets of the coming Finland fixture which is going to be the final hurrah for one of their favourite sons, Bastian Schweinsteiger.

More than forty thousand seats are available in the stadium the match has been designated to, but, not even 50% of the total seats have been reserved up to this point and Joachim Low reckons it will really be a sorrowful situation if the seats happen to be empty on the evening of the match.

As stated by Low, what may happen to be the reason for a poor turn-out is that it’s not the best of the timings for a match like this as people have had a full dose of Football with a couple of big competitions taking place in the recent times in the form of Euro and Olympics and the domestic season has got off to a start too.

Low revealed that he got a call from Schweinsteiger earlier this month and as soon as he heard from him about his decision, he right away made the promise to the playmaker that the farewell match was surely going to be organized for him.

In the opinion of Low, Schweinsteiger’s contribution in building the side during his tenure was huge and along the way, he also had World Cup glory which is the biggest dream to be had for any Footballer. So, it’s fair to say he has timed his exit to perfection and can walk away a totally content man knowing that he is leaving a strong team behind.

Low did not give any clue about the next skipper, but, it is rumoured Manuel Neuer is the name he would announce post the Finland match.