2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Two Button Control Tutorial #2

bit.ly 2010_FIFA_World_Cup_South_Africa_Two_Button_Control_Tutorial_2 New tutorial video shows off the two-button control mode in 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. Players choose a team from the 199 nations available and compete against the computer or against other players through online gaming services PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. All 10 official World Cup stadiums are available for play. EA has announced that there will be gameplay improvements over FIFA 10, such as a higher rate of player fatigue for matches at higher altitudes, with an advantage to a home team who plays at a higher altitude against an away team who does not. EA have also announced that players can get injured outside of international matches. EA has also announced that the “Captain Your Country” mode will return,and that FIFA 10 owners can import their Virtual Pro for this purpose, and then earn CYC Accomplishments and attribute boosts. The game’s penalty kicks have been changed in order for their outcome to better reflect the player’s own composure, and the game’s online multiplayer lobby system has been limited to unranked head to head matches. As in 2006 FIFA World Cup a “scenario” mode will be included with 55 playable scenarios from past World Cup matches 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is the official video game for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, published by EA Sports