1998 FIFA World Cup All Goals in 1 Hour Part 6/6

Do you nevertheless don’t forget all these fantastic objectives and all these shining names? The scorers in this aspect: 1/four Finals: 155. Kluivert of Netherland 156. López of Argentina 157. Bergkamp of Netherland 158. Jarni of Croatia 159. Vlaović of Croatia 160. Šuker of Croatia Semi-Finals: 161. Ronaldo of Brazil 162. Kluivert of Netherland 163. Šuker of Croatia 164. Thuram of France 165. Thuram of France 3rd Put Match: 166. Prosinečki of Croatia 167. Zenden of Netherland 168. Šuker of Croatia Last: 169. Zidane of France 170. Zidane of France 171. Petit of France