1998 FIFA World Cup All Goals in 1 Hour Part 2/6

Do you still keep in mind all these great objectives and all these shining names? The scorers in this part: Group B: 27. Di Biagio of Italy 28. Vieri of Italy 29. Vieri of Italy 30. Vieri of Italy 31. R. Baggio of Italy 32. Herzog of Austria 33. Sierra of Chile 34. Mboma of Cameroon Group C: 35. Rieper of Danmark 36. Dugarry of France 37. Issa of South Africa (Very own Objective) 38. Henry of France 39. Nielsen of Danmark 40. McCarthy of South Africa 41. Henry of France 42. Trezeguet of France 43. Henry of France 44. Lizarazu of France 45. Djorkaeff of France (Penalty) 46. M. Laudrup of Danmark (Penalty) 47. Petit of France 48. Bartlett of South Africa 49. Al-Jaber of Saudi Arabia (Penalty) fifty. Al-Thunayan of Saudi Arabia (Penalty) 51. Bartlett of South Africa (Penalty) Group D: 52. Hierro of Spain 53. Adepoju of Nigeria 54. Raúl of Spain 55. Lawal of Nigeria 56. Oliseh of Nigeria