1998 FIFA World Cup All Goals in 1 Hour Part 1/6

Do you still keep in mind all these wonderful objectives and all these shining names? The scorers in this aspect: Group A: one. César Sampaio of Brazil two. Collins of Scotland (Penalty) 3. Boyd of Scotland (Personal Objective) 4. Hadji of Morocco 5. Chippo of Morocco (Own Goal) 6. Hadda of Morroco 7. Eggen of Norway 8. H. Flo of Norway 9. Burley of Scotland ten. Ronaldo of Brazil 11. Rivaldo of Brazil 12. Bebeto of Brazil 13. Bassir of Morocco 14. Hadda of Morocco 15. Bassir of Morocco 16. Bebeto of Brazil 17. TA Flo of Norway 18. Rekdal of Norway (Penalty) Group B: 19. Vieri of Italy twenty. Salas of Chile 21. Salas of Chile 22. R. Baggio of Italy 23. Njanka of Cameroon 24. Polster of Austria 25. Salas of Chile 26. Vastić of Austria
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