World Cup 1954-2006 Germany Deutschland

☆☆☆ Globe Cup Highlights 1954-2006 sixteen:9 HD Clip 6000kBits/s / Audio 320kBits/s Deutscher Fussball-Bund – Nationalelf National Football Team Germany Germany is a single of the 3 most successful nationwide teams at international competitions, getting won a complete of 3 Earth Cups and three European championships. They are also one particular of the most regular teams. Aside from winning 3 earth and continental titles, they have been also runners-up three instances in the European Championships, four instances in the Earth Cup and won 3rd spot in the Planet Cup 3 instances as nicely. East Germany won Olympic Gold in 1976. Germany is the only nation to have won equally the men’s and women’s Globe Cups. 1954 in Switzerland Germany – Hungary 3:2 Final (The miracle of Bern) World Cup Champions 1966 in England Germany – England 2:4 Last (The notorious “Wembley goal”) Runners-up / 2nd Spot 1970 in Mexico Germany – Italy three:four Semi-Ultimate (Game of the century) 3rd Put 1974 in Germany Germany – Netherlands 2:1 Ultimate (“Ramba-Zamba” football) Planet Cup Champions 1982 in Spain Germany – Italy 1:three Last Runners-up / 2nd Location 1986 in Mexico Germany – Argentina two:three Ultimate Runners-up / 2nd Spot 1990 in Italy Germany – Argentina 1: Final (Die Nacht von Rom) Globe Cup Champions 2002 in South Korea / Japan Germany – Brazil :2 Ultimate Runners-up / 2nd Place 2006 in Germany Germany – Portugal 3:one Petit Finale (Ein Sommermärchen) 3rd Spot 2010 in South Africa Germany – Australia four: / 13 June, Durban
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