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Three Lions Blazing by the Pelican Babies- England Football Song

The tune Three Lions Blazing is devoted to the accurate followers of English football and supported the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Full downloads on iTunes 6th April 2010. In support of Fantastic Ormond Street Hostpital Childrens Charity. itunes.apple.com Assist English Football The rousing tune and video overall performance by the Pelican Infants encapsulated the enthusiasm and heart felt enthusiasm that no doubt will gripped the nation in in 2010Three Lions Blazing by Pelican Infants CD Single and Video Title: Three Lions Blazing Artist: Pelican Infants Pop / Rock / Football / Globe Cup Red Admiral Records www.redadmiralrecords.com REDAD CDS562 Printed by Cringe New music Store – http
Video clip Rating: four / 5