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South Africa FIFA World Cup 2010 Theme Song – ‘For This I Give It All’ by Oswald

We have been asked to publish a World Cup song for a Television advert that didn’t get commissioned so here it is – our South Africa 2010 Globe Cup Song. When I wrote this I experimented with to envision people heading by way of their pre-match rituals from the previous man to you youthful boy to the white van man to the household. It’s a song about the enthusiasm of football and the way it tends to make you really feel when you goto observe your crew… Tom x Desire you appreciate – ps be sure to spread this video clip all over the place – you can get a Free of charge download mp3 of this song at www.oswaldtheband.com – download it and share it. Cheers Oswald www.oswaldtheband.com
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Dayinalife, This is a day in my life at the 2010 Soccer World Cup

Peter Carvell from www.sixpackfactory.com shares his amazing day at 1 of the 1st matches of the 2010 Soccer Planet Cup in South-Africa. This is also component of YouTube’s remarkable new challenge, Lifeinaday which will see them produce the very first Attribute Movie from footage designed by individuals like you and me. Why not come and join in and you could just be part of this film and even be invited to go to Canes film festival.